Callee Watson-Ramirez, REALTOR

Callee started her real estate career in Indianapolis, IN. After a few twisted turns, Callee decided to get her real estate license to see what real estate was all about. After all, she took after her grandmother who is also currently still a REALTOR in Southern Indiana. She quickly learned how much she thoroughly enjoyed serving others and decided to connect with a real estate team at her, then, brokerage. There, she learned to how to navigate through the home buying and selling process and guide her client's to the best of her ability as well as the systems we need to put into play to ensure the client gets the best experience possible. 

Further, Callee decided after 2 years in real estate in Indiana, that she wanted to take a plunge and dive into the Dallas real estate market. In 2016, Callee moved to Dallas to continue her real estate career. 

Callee is dedicated to serving each of her client's needs.